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Infestation: Survivor Stories is a zombie survival game and Aimjunkies Infestation cheats have the ability to rule where players endure the hardships of a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world. By collaborating with other players, and finding weapons and items, players increase their chances of survival. The game incorporates survival elements like hunger and thirst, which gradually grow over time. Supplies such as food and water can be found to battle the hunger and thirst. If the player fails to properly quench their hunger and thirst, the player’s character will eventually die. It is possible to buy food and drinks if the player has none or chooses not to scavenge for the items in the world. Upon character death, players are given the option to either wait 60 minutes before respawning, or pay GC (the game’s currency) to revive instantly. Items carried by the deceased character are lost on death – whether purchased in-game or not – but can be found and retrieved by other players, continuing the cycle of life and death in the game is easy with our Infestation aimbot.

Safe settlements or safe zones give users an area where they are protected from combat and zombie attacks. There, players can access “Global Inventory” – an inventory shared between characters – and shop for items via the General Store.

Outside the safe zones with Infestation hacks, players can engage in player versus player combat and player versus environment combat with zombies. Killing other players grants the user reputation based on the victims standing and a chance to collect their dropped items, whereas killing zombies grants the user experience points for use in the game’s skill tree





Game Engine:

  – VOID Production Eclipse

Game Version:

  – Latest Version


  – Undetected


  – MoNk3ey


Operating systems:




– 1 month $10.95 US


– Zombie Cross ESP

– Zombie Distance ESP

– Zombie Max Distance

– Zombie Close Warning

– Zombie Warn Distance

– Item Name ESP

– Survivor Name ESP

– Survivor Weapon ESP

– Survivor Distance ESP

– Survivor Box ESP

– Survivor Health ESP

– Survivor Max Distance

– Visible Check

2D Radar:

– On/Off

– Custom Position

– Custom Size

– Custom Radar transparency

– Center Radar


– Crosshair

– Customizeable Crosshair Size

– Unlimited Sprint

– Save

– Load

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